Wedge Associates SA executives sits on a number of boards and acts as an adviser to business owners.

The development of our corporate financing and strategic support activities has naturally led Wedge to accept certain advisory mandates for business owners or directorships (see the examples below).

Stromasys SA (Switzerland)

Stromasys is the longstanding leader in the field of virtualization of PDP-11, Digital VAX and Alpha, HP 3000 and SPARC servers. Not only does the company use virtualization to extend the lifespan of critical systems, it also modernizes and improves them.

Stromasys technical solutions work equally well for the machine industry, flight guidance systems, the management of nuclear power stations, telecommunications and the management of railway networks.

Stromasys offers practical and effective solutions that require a fraction of the time needed to develop new applications and come, of course, at a far lower cost.

Stromasys SA

Ecopoly Solutions Inc. (Canada)

In its state-of-the-art laboratory, Ecopoly has developed oxobiodegradable plastics, making it a global leader in the sector. The solutions it comes up with have a far-reaching impact in fields such as agriculture. Farmers are able to grow their crops using protective films that gradually break down and disappear. The dose of the additive in the plastic’s composition allows the farmer to choose the deterioration rate of the protective film in the light of what is best for each crop. By individualizing its formulas, Ecopoly makes the use of oxobiodegradable plastics an effective approach anywhere in the world and in any climate.

Because it was originally a plastics manufacturer, Ecopoly is well placed to control the quality of its output. Indeed, not only does Ecopoly develop and produce the resins needed for the oxobiodegradation of plastics, it also manufactures the finished products in-house.

Ecopoly Solutions Inc

J3C Holding SA (Switzerland)

J3C Holding is a service company working in the socio-medical field. It owns and runs homes for the elderly and assisted-living apartments in the Canton of Vaud, in Lussy-sur-Morges, Yverdon and Renens.

The group has developed a holistic concept whereby the elderly benefit first from home visits, then assisted-living accommodation, and finally a nursing home. With home visits and assisted-living apartments, residents who still have some autonomy benefit from housing backed by medical support. The places they live in thus remain more personal, in an agreeable, medically protected and assisted environment.

J3C Holding SA

Holding company or foundation director:

For some of its private clients, Wedge also acts as the director of a family holding company or a foundation. Its activities in such cases are akin to those described under “Family Office”.

Various mandates:

Mr. Pavoncello is Chairman of the board of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).