Wedge Associates SA was founded in 2004. Its goal is to afford its private clients individualized service and investment advice tailored to their needs.

Drawing on its extensive financial experience and its close customer relationships, Wedge has developed a range of relevant services that are adapted to its clients’ exacting needs and have expanded over time to include corporate support and advice.

Wedge deploys its technical expertise to produce comprehensive analyses, making it the ideal partner for private and corporate clients seeking daily support and guidance to achieve their performance targets and for all their projects.

Wedge’s investment philosophy is predicated on needs analyses and focuses in particular on risk-related aspects. Our aim is to discern our clients’ objective capacity to take on risks and their subjective desire to do so. Our active management is influenced by both factors, and takes account of the fact that they can evolve over time.

At Wedge, we also attach great importance to transparency. This implies a sophisticated understanding of costs, clear service charges and detailed reports on all our customer activities.

Wedge maintains regular contact with its clients, at a frequency determined by the type of services provided and events likely to affect the management of their assets.

Wedge Associates SA is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).