After graduating from business school in Geneva in 1998, Laura Paronitti started her career at ITM SA, a trust company specializing in the establishment and management of firms, where she was in charge of secretarial work. At this small, three-person company, she quickly acquired a wealth of knowledge in various fields including administration, accounting and logistics.

In January 2002, she joined Bemido SA, the family office of a well-known Swiss family. Laura was in charge, among other things, of HR related tasks, the administration of various properties and boats, the administrative management of artworks and the implementation of special projects. Taking on more and more responsibilities over the following years, she also assumed the role of a Human Resources Officer and was put in charge of recruitment, remuneration and annual reviews of about thirty employees.

At the end of 2012, Laura decided to further broaden her skills in an already extensive range of complimentary fields and turned to finance when she joined Wedge as a management assistant in 2013.

At Wedge Associates SA, she provides administrative support for the asset managers, calculates the performance of investment portfolios, prepares reports and documents for the opening and maintenance of accounts, oversees credit card activities, handles all payments and monitors bank deadlines. She draws on her family office experience to meet the non-banking related demands of private clients, for example managing real estate and other assets, filling out tax declarations, searching for properties and managing insurance policies. As the office manager, Laura sees to the smooth day-to-day running of the Geneva office.