In 1995, Duc Nguyen completed a one-year internship at Credit Suisse in Geneva as the assistant to the officer in charge of mortgage and corporate clients. Subsequently, he was hired to help restructure the bank’s credit department and he obtained a degree in accounting and finance from the University of North London, UK.

In 1998, Duc became a discretionary portfolio manager in the Middle East and Asia department at Credit Suisse Private Banking in Geneva and was in charge of Japanese equity selection.

On the back of his portfolio management experience, he joined Credit Suisse Luxembourg as an investment advisor co-managing the discretionary accounts of the bank’s Ultra High Net Worth clients resident in Switzerland, the Middle East and South America as well as advising active trading customers.

In 2004, Duc returned to Geneva to manage a portfolio of special customers in the onshore Ultra High Net Worth unit of Credit Suisse. He served a highly demanding clientele made up of institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, legal and notary firms, trust companies and private clients.

Eager to be totally dedicated to his clients, he joined Wedge Associates SA in 2009 as a portfolio manager. At Wedge, he oversees all accounts and investments and is specifically in charge of instrument selection, risk control and financial reporting. He takes part in strategic asset allocation decisions and is a member of the investment committee.